Saturday, May 28, 2016

Welcome to the Fake News

When it comes to the "fake news" I'm assuming McCallum is talking about media outlets like The Late Night show and such, and if he is then let me tell you! I love fake news. When MC showed us those statistics about how people who watched shows like that vs stuff like Fox News they were more aware of everything that was going on, I didn't doubt it for a second. I think this is because its so easy to joke about serious things. The holocaust? Nothing funny about it. I actually cry most times I think about it seriously or read articles or even see a picture that is serious. But holocaust jokes? If you know some good holocaust jokes then you are set for middle school and most of high school to be honest. People joke about things that they don't want to face. When I watch news with my family (which is rarely ever) its usually local stuff or the election or what not and if it is big stuff, they just kind of state it. Like "ISIS shot up the whole world today, Sharon how do you feel about that?" "Its a crazy world Jim. But what're you gonna do?" *sips coffee* and then it goes to 7 people talking about how crazy it is that Beyonce wore pearls on the red carpet. And people tune in to that because they talk about it with passion and in your head you're like "omg that is crazy! Pearls on a dress???". That's how it feels all the time watching those late night shows where the guy is screaming at you while the audience is laughing and making fun of Hilary Clinton but then brings it back to the seriousness of the issue. At school we always see those teachers who can't control a class, like they say a joke and then the whole class if off because they can't "bring it back". Thats the beauty of the night shows because they are experts at that. They laugh with you and then they bring it back to their point, they get you engaged and thinking without you even knowing it. I think fake news is brilliant and I hope it never goes away because honestly, that is probably what I will watch when I'm in college and when I come home from a long day at work when I'm in my twenties and thirties and such (aside from probably reading the newspaper) but I really don't see myself watching tv news when I'm older unless its something fun. Now that I'm reading what I'm writing, it sounds really ignorant but its okay. I will probably watch the news someday, I just wish it was laid out better and I could have all of the news all of the time and not just the big stuff, and not just the small stuff ya know. I don't really remember where this blog post was going but I hope you got something out of it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"In choosing to do wrong, and failing to do good..."

When it comes to actively searching for news, I feel like I choose No to news, not because I don't care, but rather that I have formed a habit. When I was younger, I wouldn't watch the news because I was too scared, especially when a weather alert or something came on. Now, a little embarrassing but, I am still afraid of storms and I don't watch the news because it makes me afraid. I am too afraid to move out of Minnesota in fear of storms and bugs and terrorists and things that can hurt me (and my future theoretical children). I think people are afraid to vote because they fear they will make the wrong decisions. I am afraid to go to college because I fear I will choose the wrong major and be stuck in a job that I paid thousands to get to and am not happy. I am afraid to get married because I am afraid of divorce.
I agree very much with Barry Schwartz that choice is not only not helpful, but that it is actively hurtful. Back then, marriage wasn't about the what, when, where, why, and how it was simply about the 'who'. If I lived somewhere that they said "all women born in September must become doctors" I'd be all for that because "hey, i gotta be, so its okay". But today? What happens if I go to a really good college, get into a GREAT medical school and then when it comes time to doctor people, I am uncomfortable, or I'm too scared to treat them? When you only have one choice and its bad, then it's the world's fault, but when you have thousands of choices and you choose the wrong one? Well that's on you buddy.
I think I am so afraid because I'm aware. I am aware that the divorce rate is getting close to 50% and therefore I am afraid. I wanted to live in Australia, my heart was set until I became aware of all of the things that could kill me there. I wanted to be a doctor until I became aware of the extreme risks of depression and suicide in med students.

"Adding options cant help but raise expectations which lowers satisfaction everything was better back when everything was worse" - Barry Schwartz

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Future

In my journalism 2 class we were given a prompt. What would journalism look like 10 years into the future? We were given nothing but time and our peers to bounce ideas off of, and a few of my friends in the class and I ran with this idea. We were pretty excited and started to explore what we know about journalism right now, and what we know about the world. We wanted to choose a medium that would conform to America's lazy habits and need for immediacy. That is why we went with a hologram.
What we designed was an app that would be on your smart phone, compatible with apple and android watches, that could have an accessible icon on the home screen or even be linked up with siri that you can get started with barely any effort. Anywho, so basically you would say "Hey Selena Gomez, read me the news" and if you wanted her to, she could. Our thought was that the news could be so personal and customizable that you could even choose your favorite actors to read it to you.
What it looks like would be daily news, local, global, and "your news" aka news that it thinks you would like. It would know what news you like because, like Pandora, you could essentially "thumbs it up" and it could tailor to your viewing preferences. For instance, if I'm a 13 old girl who is really into science discoveries but much too young to hear (or care) about politics or world disaster, then the hologram, when going through the news, wouldn't read off that stuff.
This is our little presentation from class for a visual aide.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What is Journalism?

Stripping journalism down to its most basic core, I feel it is the idea of having ideas and the reason for journalism is for the people. Without the masses for you to write for, journalism doesn't exist. Sure you could document things for the fun of yourself, but is that really journalism?
I tend to lean towards the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to journalistic news. I enjoy writing about things I’ve experienced, or that I want others to experience. Writing what others want to read, but they don’t know it yet.
Right now, I only write for our school's newspaper but someday I'd like to be an author. I enjoy telling stories which is why I feel I enjoy journalism as much as I do. I feel journalism is necessary because the world likes to communicate, it enjoys hearing what others feel or think, not because we are nice and compassionate, but rather we like having opinions, to be able to tell when people are wrong and side with people with the same thoughts or views as us.
Journalism is used to inform, entertain, guide readers on events, thoughts, politics, etc. If you relied on your "once a day journalists" you would be getting the same view over and over again in your little viewing window, surrounded by your peers. But real journalists, they take on subjects, not just events. They aren't done after one day and they make sure they get the facts, they put passion and commitment into a story. I know people say a pictures worth a thousand words, but today on social media most people post pictures because they think they look nice and want others to like it, a journalist takes photos to tell a story, and those are the types of pictures that are worth a thousand words. My friends on social media changing their profile picture to them with France's flag on it or a design they made with is much different than a journalist capturing a photo of one of the victims under a white sheet with a woman being held back by a police officer crying hysterically gesturing at the sheet.
I'm excited to continue on the journalistic path McCallum has constructed for us here at BHS. Here are links to other really great journalists in my class, if you'd like to see more views on this topic from Buffalo High School, under the influence of Mr. McCallum's wonderful Journalism 2 teachings.

Image result for beauty of journalism quotes
Each blog I will post a little picture and maybe a song, so here is this weeks! I love this quote, especially relating it to journalism, 'she' being a story, or maybe even the 'high' you get from having your story read and talked about, even that feeling when people hate it, not because it's poorly written, but because it stirs something up inside them. Whether its good or bad, it makes them feel something and that is worth everything.